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back again

Back definition coming along okay. 10 pounds less would really make it happen though. Sadly exam months means sitting on your ass burning bugger all calorie wise, making it rather unpleasant to eat in a deficit. If only stress burned … Continue reading

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some recipes

I know many lifters eat the same high-protein things the way way, day in and day out. Tuna from the can, grilled chicken, eggwhite omelettes… I get too bored doing that. Just because you’re eating healthily, doesn’t mean you can’t … Continue reading

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Intermittent fasting

Fasting. Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? Spiritual at best, anorexic at worst. But it seems there’s quite some benefits to be gained from periodic, short-term fasts. Health benefits but also mental ones. When you’re training, you have to put a lot … Continue reading

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Day five

of weight-loss month. Currently chewing on some chicken slices. My food is pretty blah, lots of dairy, salad, chicken, soup, tuna and other staples. I don’t have the time to make interesting meals right now, I’m busy as hell. How … Continue reading

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Leaning time!

My one-month leaning phase starts today! I’ve been gaining a nice bit of muscle, and now it’s time to shed the bit of fat that comes with every muscle gain – my pants are feeling tight again. Why one month? … Continue reading

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Sure, you can eat broccoli, tuna, cottage cheese and steamed salmon every day. But that would be incredibly boring, demotivating, and in the end probably not as healthy as eating diverse meals. I love making recipies I picked up from … Continue reading

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three random comments

1. Sugar free is back, baby! I will feed my boyfriend the leftover “midnight cookie special” icecream in his sleep and i’ll be tempatation free. I’m climbing the walls a bit, but that’s what banana flavored prote├»n shakes are (also) … Continue reading

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