Debunking the bulking myth, done better


Jamie Eason. Muscular? Yes. Feminine? Yes. Sexy yet able to kick your ass? Oh hell yes.

Well look here. Fellow Belgian Mehdi from Stronglifts included “weight lifting makes women bulky” in his list of Fitness myths.

Myth #5: Weight Lifting Makes Women Bulky. Those muscular women you can find in muscle magazines had to use steroids to get to that point. As a woman you can build muscle, get stronger and improve your physique. But you’ll never build as much muscle mass as men can because you have lower testosterone levels. You’ll always stay feminine unless you use steroids.

He still assumes women take “bulky” to mean “gladiator woman”, whereas most women already freak out from going up a pants size. But he adresses  it without rediculising women’s fears, and doesn’t mock women’s potential for putting on muscle. The takehome message is both reassuring and to the point: you can be muscular and feminine. Good job!

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3 Responses to Debunking the bulking myth, done better

  1. Pips says:

    Neat, never knew that guy was from Belgium :)

  2. karen says:

    excellent website and useful info

  3. sportsolent says:

    Hi there,
    Realy loved your blog post! One of our fitness instructors just wrote a blog about the benefits of women lifting weights! Check it out and let us know your thoughts:
    Sport Solent

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