back again


Back definition coming along okay. 10 pounds less would really make it happen though. Sadly exam months means sitting on your ass burning bugger all calorie wise, making it rather unpleasant to eat in a deficit.
If only stress burned calories, eh? Eventually I would like to end up here (though not in yoga class).

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6 Responses to back again

  1. Pips says:

    Ooh! I want yoga-girl’s back, too! :)


    Yours is defenitely coming along nicely, great work! :)

  2. Rayna says:

    yes, that girl doesn’t get her back definition from yoga….

    have you tried rock climbing?? just going to a rock climbing gym for a few months will give you a back like that. :-)

    • juliainleuven says:

      Yes, I used to occasionally. It’s usually a waste of money for me, though. After two climbs in a hall my arms are spaghetti! That was before I started lifting though, I should try again!

  3. Based on your back, you don’t look like you have ten lbs to lose. Just my opinion, and you appear to be making great progress, but personally I think you’d benefit more from a little more mass in your lats than lowering your BF. Visually I think the difference between the picture of the yoga girl and you is that she has a more heavily muscled back, not more definition of what she does have.

    Favorable lighting helps her a bit too, shadows and fluorescents make everyone look cut :-)

    • LOLfitness says:

      Wow, you just blew my mind! I’ve been staying out of hypertrophy for a while now, but I think you may be right. Wow. This might change my plans a bit. Thanks for your input! (Still doing my cut first though, I have pants I need to fit into!)

  4. Holy crap, woman, you are lookin’ AWESOME! You’ve made wonderful progress. :)

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