some recipes

I know many lifters eat the same high-protein things the way way, day in and day out. Tuna from the can, grilled chicken, eggwhite omelettes… I get too bored doing that. Just because you’re eating healthily, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun and interesting meals, right? Here’s a few recipes from the blogosphere that I’ve tried lately. They offer nice protein value AND taste good, too!

Chicken satay – Very good, moist chicken. Good without the peanut sauce, but heavenly with it.
Hoisin Pork chops – Great chops with sticky sweet sauce.
Top drawer Chicken Salad – I eat this a few times a week for lunch. Great wrapped in a tortilla.
Baked felafel – Beans have lots of carbs with some nice proteïn. Since you’re baking the felafel instead of deep-frying it, it’s low-fat too. An ideal post-workout meal!
Ratatouille – If you’re not getting enough vegetables in, or are low-carbing, give this one a whirl.
BBQ Meatballs – You may want to go easy on the sugar in the sauce there, but otherwise a very nice midweek meal.

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  1. Even after hearing about the movie, I had no idea that Ratatouille was something real. I’m always looking for nutrition recommendations. Thanks for sharing your expertise.


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