Anterior pelvic tilt repair workout

I’ve been doing some research, and found a lovely article by Mike Robertson called Fixing your force couples: it has an explanation of pelvic tilt, the obligatory picture of some girls ass in anterior tilt, but it also has a workout! Awesome. Unfortunately it’s filled with exercises that don’t get explained in the article, and that aren’t familiar to me. So I went Youtubing.

Since you might also be in Anterior tilt and similarly noobish, I’ll post my movie-filled workout here.

Foam Rolling
Glutes, hamstrings, calves, adductors, quads, TFL/ITB, peroneals (additional focus on quads/hip flexors)

Static Stretching/Activation
1A) Psoas or Rectus Femoris Stretch, paired with
1B) Glute Bridge
2A) Piriformis Stretch, paired with
2B) Side-Lying Clam

Mobility Training
Knee Hugs,
Pull-Back Butt Kicks,
Warrior Lunge with Twist,
Running Butt Kicks,
Crossover Overhead Reverse Lunge

Strength Training Exercise Selection
Sumo Deadlift
Long-Stroke Walking Lunge
Pull-throughs (yeah, I’m looking forward to doing this one in the gym..)
Single-Leg RDL

Out-of-workout lengthening strategies
Reinforcement of good alignment throughout the day. In this case, a stand-up desk or even kneeling at your desk on an Airex pad will get the hips into extension and lengthen the short/stiff muscles.

So that’s it. Truthfully, I haven’t tried it yet. I’l have a restweek from NROL4W soon, then I’ll give this workout a whirl. After that, I might go add one APT workout to my 3 times a week routine. Till this crap is fixed!

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5 Responses to Anterior pelvic tilt repair workout

  1. Pips says:

    Oh, schedule looks good, I should do the same for my posterior tilt! And we should get foamrollers..

    And I should incorperate some Multifidus and Grip exercises to my regimen as well..

  2. Matthias says:

    The psoas strech video doesn’t make sense. It’s a Rectus Femoris stretch. The psoas doesn’t attach to your lower leg so holding it up is unneccessary, but it attaches to your spine so leaning forward will prevent it from being stretched.
    Just typed psoas stretch into the youtube searach and found (I’d put the rear leg even further behind to increase the stretch a little). The psoas will get streched during your Warrior Lunges anyway.

    Your Sumo Deadlift link doesn’t work for me, so I don’t know if you’ve found a good one. would be an example. (You can find a pretty good youtube exercise demonstration library at )

  3. lolfitness says:

    Thanks a lot, Matthias! I updated the links. I do love the Fitcast videos, but it’s too bad they’ve chosen to leave out stretches and foam rolling.

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  5. mohamed essam says:

    hello girl

    can i ask you have you tried these workout
    and if yes did it really help you or what?

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