Leaning time!

My one-month leaning phase starts today! I’ve been gaining a nice bit of muscle, and now it’s time to shed the bit of fat that comes with every muscle gain – my pants are feeling tight again.

Why one month? Because I don’t want to get tricked into dieting forever again, because I’ll need my strength and energy for my workouts, because I don’t want my metabolism to slow down again. You can diet up to eight weeks before that happens, but a month is what I’m going to try. Also, it’ s a lot easier to maintain your diet if you know it’ll only last a month. And to be honest, I don’t need to lose all that much.

How am I going to do it?

By eating a little bit less (300kcal), making my meals even more nutritious, and by moving a lot more. I’m not very active outside of my workouts, and for this month I’m planning to increase my activity, be it stairclimbs, cycling, intervals, hikes, frisbeeing, or whatever.

After a month I’ll take a week or maybe two to go back up to my normal maintenance level. If that isn’t enough weight loss, I’ll wait a couple of weeks and then do another month.

My day:
Breakfast: kwark with wheat bran, proteïn powder and a few dried cranberries
Lunch: Vegetable soup made with chicken broth, steamed fish with spring onions (yay for tupperware!)
Snack: Deviled eggs and avocado slices
Post WO: small shake
Dinner: Chicken tortilla’s with spring beans

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