My first spot!

Last night the football team was in the gym again: 12 of well-behaved scrawny 18-year olds on a mission to get buff. Good for them. Less good for me: they love to squat and deadlift, and we only have one (yes, one) squat rack in our gym.

40 minutes later and I still haven’t been able to do my squats. I see a guy who just took a barbell off of the rack and who is deadlifting in a corner somewhere.

“Fuck it”, I say, “I don’t need a squat rack to do my damm squats, I’ll do them here on the floor”. “But how are you going to get it on your shoulders?”, my gym buddies ask. “You guys can be my rack”.  One of my gym buddies balks: “That sounds like the stupidest idea ever, what if  you drop it!”

Friendly barrel-chest Tommy is doing his curls next to us, and  says “I can spot your squats if you want”. Hell yeah! So I did my squats in the middle of the gym, with a strange man standing behind me going “come on, come on, you can do it!”. It was a bit surreal.. and in a way a bit more intimate than i like my gym..

but at least I got my squats in!

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