Sure, you can eat broccoli, tuna, cottage cheese and steamed salmon every day. But that would be

  • incredibly boring,
  • demotivating,
  • and in the end probably not as healthy as eating diverse meals.

I love making recipies I picked up from the blogosphere, but sometimes they suffer from not having a test-team like professional cookbook authors do. After a few disasters, I’ve gotten used to scouring the comments on a recipe to see if anyone has actually made it, with good results (and dutifully leave my own, if I did).

Here are some of the blogosophere’s recipes that I’ve tried out lately, and liked:

  • Chicken Korma – Great recipe! Tasted like real korma, I could eat this every day!
  • Stuffed mushrooms – Cheesy & tasty. A bit on the mushy side though, maybe add some bacon bits. Great party appetizer.
  • Lamb Kofta Salad – The spice mix for the kofta balls was pretty good, but on the light side. We like our meat plenty spiced where I come from.
  • Newcastle Brown Ale Chicken – Great comfort food, almost like thick chunky chicken soup
  • Risotto – A great tasting risotto, next time I’ll leave out the cheese for a lighter taste and feel.
  • Pineappple and shrimp teriyaki – yum! Really good!
  • Celery Soup – Seriously good (even though it looks like snot soup)! And i’m normally not a fan of celery
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