I am stuck at home with a throat infection. Everytime I swallow it feels like tiny gilette razors are going down my throat. I can’t speak and am reduced to playing amusing mime games with my man in order to communicate. Fuck my my eating plan, I am stuck on tea and honey and DVD-boxes of Avatar until the pain goes away.

It’s too bad I’m stuck at home, because I’ve been kicking ass in the gym lately. The gym owner watched us lift the other day and said my deadlift technique was perfect. That’s a pretty nice compliment! My deadlifts are 132 pounds, which is 85% of my bodyweight. My squats are slacking a bit at a 100 pounds (only 65% of my BW). We only have about 4 more sessions on this first NROLfw workout, then we move on to phase two, which will feature front squats and “deadlifts on a box”. On a box? Are they trying to kill us?

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One Response to Sick

  1. Illuminati says:

    Feel better soon. Chicken soup and reruns. Better in no time.

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