# Disclaimer: still not a doctor. Ask your own “I’ve studied doctorism for over 10 years” doctor or nutritionist for some expert advice. Or find everything out by trial and error like the rest of us, but then don’t blame me if it goes wrong#

A lot of the sites that I read daily seem to want to peddle as much powder, stimulants and supplements as possible. Testosterone Nation says “Normal fishoil is made for women, you should use Flameout, it’s made especially for men!” and yet most Figure Athlete articles list Flameout as must regardless. Don’t get me wrong, I love these sites to death. But when it comes to supplements, I’m not about to start taking something because magazines, websites, random people in the bus, the voices in my head tell me to. I will start taking them if I perceive a lack in performance (any kind) that should be fixed. So I’m fairly conservative about taking supplements, but nevertheless I end up taking quite a few pills. Here’s why.

First off, I kept a food diary for a week and uploaded the data into Fitday. Fitday then counts your nutrient intake and tells you where you come up short. Very useful. You don’t have to do it for the rest of your life, just do a typical day and see what nutrients you’re actually putting into your body.


My iron intake was far too low. And not just mine, apparantly one in five women has an iron deficiency, and even those who didn’t, benefitted from iron supplementation.  One of the symptoms of iron deficiency is increased fatigue. I started taking supplements and noticed a big increase in energy. I’ve been taking them ever since.


My Fitday also showed my calcium intake was too low. Strong bones are good to have, and my family has a history of osteoporosis, so I supplement them too. Except on WO days, when I do get enough calcium.

Fish Oil

If you believe the hype, I should have been taking Fish Oil three times a day since the day I was born. I didn’t, until i noticed some signs of inflammation in my skin. A relaxing afternoon of surfing convinced me that the Omega-3 fats in Fish Oil would help with the inflammation that I was partly bringing on myself with all those hard workouts. Don’t worry about them being oily, they only have about 10kcal a pill!

Proteïn Powder

Getting enough proteïn daily for a muscle building diet is hard. There’s only so much canned tuna and grilled chicken you can eat, and there’s definitely days where I’m sick of protein. Powder helps take the load off of your diet. Not to mention that you really want to drink a Post-Workout shake with plenty of protein and carbs. I was taking Pure Whey from Performance, which was really good. To mix things up, I switched to Syntha-6 from BSN which I hate. It doesn’t dissolve well, doesn’t taste as nice and is higher in calories.


Ok, I admit it, this time I bought into the corporate machine. I don’t have any lack that creatine is supposed to fix, but I’ve been told that it is completely safe, natural, and will help me gain strength. So I’m trying it out. It’s not doing much for me so far, but I can’t wait :)

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