When I got back from vacation, I planned to go back to calorie restriction. I was hoping my metabolism had caught up a little bit, and i could increase calorie intake a bit too. I got a quite unexpected effect: my body refuses to be calorie restricted. It didn’t binge, it just wanted to eat enough, thank you very much. No amount of willpower could do anything about it (and after-holiday willpower isn’t so good to start off with).

So, I just let it ride. I carefully charted my intake, but made no attempts to bring it down. Turns out, I’ve been eating around 1900 kcals for the past few days. It also turns out, I’m even losing some weight. I think my “revving up the metabolism” plan is working out nicely! Turns out, 2000kcals isn’t as huge an amount as I thought it was. I realise now that at those horrific parties or all you can eat fests, I’d been consuming 3000-4000kcals, at least. I’m really looking forward to being able to eat ‘normally’ and build some muscle! Getting enough protein is a lot easier at this level as well.

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