is the new buzzword in my brain. Why? If I want to gain muscle, I need to eat a surplus. If i want to eat a surplus, I need to stop eating the low kcal diet i’m on now. If I want to ditch my low kcal diet, I need to rev up my metabolism. Fortunately, the fastest way to rev up your metabolism is: to eat more!

My goal: to be able to eat 2000 kcal at maintenance level.
How it’s been going so far: Well, I’ve started eating more (still a long way off from my goal) and I’m up 3,5 kilos (7,7 pounds). This isn’t fun. But my metabolism is showing signs of taking off: my appetite is increased, I’m very regular (for once). I’m not sure if I have more energy or if I feel warmer, but it’s positive so far.

Now i have to find a maintenance level, and try to slowly work my way up from there.. It won’t be easy, but the end goal is worth it!

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