Carb cycling, week I


Well, I don’t quite know what to make of this. It’s been my first week on carb cycling. I knew there were going to be swings. For one thing, your water retention level goes up and down throughout the week.  I’m eating 1480kcals a day, and 1750kcal on my workout days. This should be too little, not too much! But it’s an increased intake for me, so my body will probably need to adjust as well. I’ve also been tracking my bodyfat%, it was 22,2% on Monday, 23% on Thursday, and 20% on Saturday. Just as swingy. So I turn to my only reliable measure: my pants. And they still fit.

I also realised I haven’t been timing my carb-feeds correctly. On two workout days, I eat more carbs than others, but I forgot that it matters when you eat them. Sort off an important detail, apparently! From Carb Cycling for women,

“For those who have to train in the evening (preferably around 5:00 or 6:00pm), the following schedule is appropriate:

Those who have to train in the morning (preferably around 8:00am) should do the following:

In this situation, we use a carb and protein shake first thing in the morning. We need to get the nutrients absorbed as fast as possible, so digestion won’t interfere with workout intensity.”

Whereas I’d been spreading my carbs all over the day. Bad me. Well, correct it and see what week 2 brings!

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One Response to Carb cycling, week I

  1. Tony says:

    Hmm, this seems pretty interesting. I’ve heard and experimented with calorie cycling before, but that just got to be too much work lol.

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