Homework from the bar

I’m giving myself some homework this weekend. Why? My weighted squats suck. I can kick it on any leg machine, but as soon as I put the bar on my shoulders I get hit by some serious instability issues:

  • Good: My back is straight and stays that way, and I can go deep
  • Bad:  My hips won’t stay level, my knees buckle inwards, and I have real problems getting back up

This won’t do. I’m incredibly frustrated. I’m making muscle gains, I know it: a nice amount of my quads feels like they’re made out of rock instead of squishy pudding. But for some reason I can’t put all that strength into my lift: I haven’t been able to up the weights in months (and I was lifting a minuscule weight to start off with).

My assignment, if I choose to accept it (which I do!), is to find 10 ways I can improve my stability, iron out imbalances, and strengthen the small muscles needed for squatting. And then implement them, of course. But first, I want to be informed.

<Insert Mission Impossible music>

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