Mad Cheatz!

Pancakes, with fig jam, or toasted coconut bits, or cinnamon 'n butter..

Whole wheat crepes, with fig compote, or toasted coconut bits, or cinnamon 'n butter, or savoury with cheese, scallions, salmon..

See this? This is mah cheat meal (ok, I admit, not the entire stack of it).

I’d been wanting to incorporate an occasional high-carb meal for some time now. Call it refeeding, carb cycling, cheat mealing, carb loading, or whatever else you like1. I just figured it would be very nice at times go out to dinner or  enjoy the boyfriend’s home cooked meals. No Twinkies, just a decent meal with fibrous carbs. The reason I haven’t done them before was, well, I cheat all the time. Either I’m craving and think ‘A few more spoons of peanut butter wouldn’t hurt, they’re low carb!’ or I’m seriously hungry and just really need another meal. Because, as a typical girly-girl, I set my caloric intake far too low.

So it was time for some changes. First off, I upped my caloric intake to a point where for the first time in 2 years I’m not ravenous when I come home from work.  Second, I attempt to not cheat one inch from my food goals for that day. Turns out, this is a lot easier when you’re not hungry. Yeah, I’m a genius, really. Third, I get to have my damm cheat meal. Which means chowing down those sugar-free whole-wheat crepes without an ounce of guilt.

Once a week, that is. I love it!

1T-Nation has a nice article about all these terms.

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One Response to Mad Cheatz!

  1. DonnaLynn says:

    Wow, that looks really good!

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