Pushing yourself (and occasionally getting a push)

I discovered Gubernatrix’ All-round strength training. A lifting site for women, how awesome! I mean, sure, I like Figure Athlete but at some point I get tired of looking at other women’s asses and Surge cannisters.

Gubernatrix also has a post on strength standards for women, so that I don’t have to suspect that I suck, I can know it for a fact! Just kidding, but I sure did a double take when I saw those numbers. It’s easy to feel good about yourself in the gym where you’re surrounded by cardio bunnies. It feels like an accomplishment to even approach the squat bar. But squatting 68kg for one rep – well, that sure puts my hard work into the cold daylight of perspective!

So I went to the gym, planning to up my squats even if it was just for one hard rep.

Instead I upped them, did 10 reps fairly easily, upped them again, and again pushed out 10 reps. Then i collapsed in astonishment (and some pain). Man, had I been misjudging my strength. For the past month, I  hadn’t progressed because my current load “still felt heavy”.

Newsflash: Just because it feels heavy, doesn’t mean you can’t handle heavier. In squats, it might even make it easier, i feel far less wobbly now.

Lesson learned, and I’m looking forward to great progress :)

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2 Responses to Pushing yourself (and occasionally getting a push)

  1. Gubernatrix says:

    That is so cool! That’s what I love to see. Absolute kudos for saying ‘sod it, I’ll give it a go’!

  2. LOLfitness says:

    Hehe, those standards are still kicking my ass, but I’m catching up just fine :)

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