Happy holidays

Tonight is a big seasonal holiday on this side of Europe. We don’t get a single gift at christmas, we get all our gifts tonight, at the feast of Saint-Nicholas. What I won’t be getting tonight is either protein or fiber: we’ll be stuffing ourselves with dozens of traditional carbalicious snacks, thank you very much. Presents and sweets! Does life get any better?

With holiday-frenzy only a few hours away, I’ve dedicated this morning to pro-active damage control. I went to the gym, and I’m cooking up burgers and spinach for lunch. I’ll probably boil some eggs later for our trip on the road.

This is a new experience for me. I used to eat soup all day before going to a party, figuring it would fill me up and leave me a lot of calories for later to spend on gingerbread, and chocolate milk and cookies. Cause hey, when you’re counting calories, it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as your obsessively calculated intake stays below a certain numeric value, right?

This year it’s different. A thousand, heck even two thousand extra calories on one day of the year won’t make that much of a difference. But that’s no excuse not to get my essential nutrients in. Nor to get right back on the wagon after.

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