Forgot my breakfast this morning, so I fasted till lunch. That used to be called skipping meals and then it was bad, but now it’s an Intermittant Fast and it’s good again. Round and round we go!

My lunch date cancelled, so I had to grab something on the quick. I went and got some grape leaves filled with feta, and an apple, and bought some cottage cheese in case I got hungry later.

I remember a time that when my breakfast or lunch plans fell through i would invariably end up at the bakery to buy some kind of baked goodie.  So I felt pretty good about myself.

Tonight i’ll finish up the cauliflower together with a grilled burger, and probably eat my forgotten breakfast oatbar.

Gym-wise everything is going great.  Even on my limited food intake i’m gaining strength and muscle. But i’m getting bored again. My squats are no longer wobbly, I need a new challenge. I would love to start doing deadlifts, but that means asking my gym owner for instructions…

He was very supportive when I started squatting (“This”ll totally give you a tight ass!”) but when i complained I didn’t feel my squats were challenging enough, he said “Well you don’t want to bulk up, do you?”.

So, I’ll ask him to instruct me in deadlifts, and when he asks the same dreaded question, I’ll say: “Yup, I want to bulk, bulk, bulk! Who knew it only takes 10 minutes of deadlifting to become a female bodybuilder, count me in! What do you think will make me bulk the quickest?”

And hopefully that’ll put an end to that kind of questions.

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  1. Illuminati says:

    Good for you, avoiding the bakery. I would try that but I live in a Dunkin Donuts. Seriously, right in the Boston Creme tray.

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