Still struggling with the tail end of a flu. Tired easily. I dragged myself to the gym nonetheless and has a thoroughly mediocre workout. I was sweating profusely and eventually one of the treadmill bunnies bucks came up to me:

Treadmill buck: Wow, you’re working hard
Me: Yeah, today’s tough.
Treadmill buck: Not much into the weights myself. I see those meat men working and i think “if that’s what it takes to get a girlfriend, then count me out”, you know?
Me: Yeah well, I think there’s a big difference between what girls like and what those guys think girls like.

The next morning, while I was half-asleep my boyfriend listed all the body parts i shouldn’t change anything about; that he would prefer them to stay just as wide and round as they are now.

So it’s not just the meat men (no offense) that have the wrong idea of what women like. Attractiveness is certainly important. I have other motivations to go to the gym, of course, not in the least my health. But, much like my more testosterone-based buddies at the gym, we’ve reached that point of ‘maximised attractiveness’ (as subjective as that is), and yet we just keep on going. What motivation comes in its place? Attractiveness to yourself? OCD? Achievement? What makes already fit people come back to the gym to push themselves even harder? I’m not talking about addiction here (though gym addiction is certainly a serious topic worth discussing). Just about motivation.

I think i have my answer, and although part of my motivation may come from health and aesthetics, a new motivation has come into play.

I love being strong.

I love lifting stuff just for the pleasure of lifting stuff. I love being able to lift my guy and carry him around the room. I love stacking up weights and see a guy’s eyes bulge in surprise. I love taking on a new challenge and mastering it in the course of a few months. I love being able to use that strength in real life, carrying crates of beer to a party, helping a friend move, painting the ceiling. I love that my body is no longer a device to transport my brain from place to place, it’s a thing in its own right.

And as soon as this flu seeps out of me, I’ll damm well get back to it.

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4 Responses to motivation

  1. Stephen says:

    Strength is a great feeling. It does wonders for confidence. Much more so then bodybuilding type looks. A person can be as big as they like but if on the inside they are small then it’s meaningless. I like to get stronger because I enjoy setting and attaining goals and the feeling that I am fulfilling some of my huge potential as a human being.

    All the best,


  2. Nina says:

    When I feel more fit (which sure hasn’t been lately, but let’s ignore that…), it’s as you say. My body has a life of its own… and for some reason, that makes absolutely everything feel better. The external becomes internal… and it’s not something about how you look, it’s something about how you feel.

    Damn, I have really got to get back to the gym. No matter what happens.

  3. lolfitness says:

    You should! You can certainly use some “me-time”

  4. arubalcava says:

    My motivation is hard to describe. If I had to pinpoint it, I would say that I am motivated to keep exercising because I used to be very out of shape. But it’s more internal than that. I feel like I made myself a promise and I have to keep that promise to myself. I guess it’s just part of me now and it has become a responsibility that I have designated for myself.

    Thanks for the article!

    All the Best,

    Andrew R – Go Healthy Go Fit

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