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I’m spending my Christmas break in the books, to prepare for my exams. I’m taking plenty of breaks to eat healthily and go to the gym, but I’m not having any thoughts about my fitness goals to jot down at … Continue reading

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ups and downs

Good: Pulling off my first bodyweight tricep dip! It’s not every day that you become significantly cooler in a matter of seconds. Bad: Cinnamon buns with frosting. Eggrolls. Screwdrivers. I think the screwdrivers are to blame, they’re a gateway carb.

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Pushing yourself (and occasionally getting a push)

I discovered Gubernatrix’ All-round strength training. A lifting site for women, how awesome! I mean, sure, I like Figure Athlete but at some point I get tired of looking at other women’s asses and Surge cannisters. Gubernatrix also has a … Continue reading

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When I’m not busy lifting cars and eating red meat, I’m usually sitting on my ass, either playing a game or watching something. One of our regular shows is Legend of the Seeker. The boyfriend loves it because the show … Continue reading

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Happy holidays

Tonight is a big seasonal holiday on this side of Europe. We don’t get a single gift at christmas, we get all our gifts tonight, at the feast of Saint-Nicholas. What I won’t be getting tonight is either protein or … Continue reading

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Forgot my breakfast this morning, so I fasted till lunch. That used to be called skipping meals and then it was bad, but now it’s an Intermittant Fast and it’s good again. Round and round we go! My lunch date … Continue reading

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Still struggling with the tail end of a flu. Tired easily. I dragged myself to the gym nonetheless and has a thoroughly mediocre workout. I was sweating profusely and eventually one of the treadmill bunnies bucks came up to me: … Continue reading

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