Boyfriend: What’s in that plastic bag under your desk?
Me: (uh-oh) Oh, ehm.. that’s protein powder
Him: Really? You’re so weird!
(takes the huge canister out of the bag and looks at it) Banana flavor!
Me: yup..
Him: So you’re intent on getting huge now?
Me: (defensive) Not really, it helps with weight-loss too.
Him: It does?
Me: Ya, makes sure you don’t lose muscle weight, and protein doesn’t get turned to fat as easily as carbohydrates.
Him: Oh..
Him: So you were hiding this from me?
Me: well, a little..
Him: Why?
Me: Cause you’d just say I’m weird!
Him: But now i think you’re weird for hiding stuff from me
Me: Yeah, you may have a point there
(more silence)
Him: So you mix it with milk?
Me: Or water, but i like milk
Him: Does it taste good?
Me: It’s pretty tasty. Hold on, I’ll make you one.
Him: Hmm… not bad! Maybe I’ll have some too next time.
Me: So you’re not mad?
Him: Nah, as long as you’re not hiding another boyfriend under your desk
Me: ‘kay, I’ll tell him to hide in the closet
Him: Tell him to iron my shirts if he’s there anyway.

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4 Responses to Busted

  1. Illuminati says:

    You know, I do the same thing. When I lived home, I’d hide supplements from my parents, and now I hide them from my wife. Not sure why though. I think because it easier to hide than explain and get the ‘that stuff is bad for you’ talk.

    I am hiding an entire bucket of Whey powder under my pillow right now. She will never catch on.

  2. lolfitness says:

    You mean your wife who’s microwaving whey? I think she found your stash, man!

  3. Haha! Great story! I love chocolate flavoured protein shakes. Especially the musashi brand, yum!

    Thanks for dropping by my lil corner of the world, and glad your guests liked the salmon crepe sushi. Christie :)

  4. Merry Mary says:

    I just found your blog and I love it. This conversation is hilarious!

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