First off, I have the day off today, and i have a camera at my disposal. Yeah!

Secondly, I tried my pants on this morning and they fit perfectly. Hell yeah!!

To celebrate, I wanted to post a body shot to commemorate this great event, but I realised just in time the last thing the Internet needs is more women who post their skinny bodies online while incessantly talking about weight loss. I didn’t want anyone to draw the conclusion that I thought someone my size is fat. In fact, I’m looking to gain a little weight, in the form of muscle! So i posted a mug shot instead, it’s on the About page. Hi!

So now we come to phase II of my plan: increasing muscle while maintaining weight bodyfat %. I honestly have to say I’m not sure how to go about that yet. I’m guessing I will have to eat more overall, but only more protein and fat, while keeping the amount of carbs the same. Can I possibly eat even more protein? For a start, I’ll keep eating the way I am now, and will slowly try to increase my food intake (week by week, not day by day, i tried that and suffice to say it wasn’t the best of ideas ;).

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