The other day I found a new sweetener in my supermarket. It was called Tagatose and made the usual claims of being low-GI, much sweeter than sugar, able to be used in baking and cooking, etc. It is based on lactose, the sugar-type substance in dairy (Does that make it ‘natural?’ they certainly seem to think so).

I left it there, and went on-line to find out what the intertubes thought about this new sweetener. It turns out no one thought anything about it. No one. How could this be? I found the answer on the wikipedia page for Tagatose. It’s a sweetener that’s currently only made and distributed in Belgium.

Well, that piqued my interest. I picked up a (hugely expensive) box of the new white gold and am drinking through it. It has the texture and the taste of powdered sugar, there’s no unpleasant aftertaste. I haven’t tried baking with it yet, but I should, shouldn’t I? In the name of science!

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