the smug

I am feeling on top of the world right now! The last time I had this weight, i wasn’t as muscle-y as I am now, and it makes a lot of difference! I feel some pride when i look in the mirror.

Normally, your features aren’t much to be pride of, it’s not like you had to do anything to get them! You just got them cause you were either lucky on unlucky in the genetic lottery. I got this strange mole out of the lottery, just like i got this great hair out of it. Pure luck.

But this arm definition? I made that. The flat tummy? That’s not there because of luck, it’s there because of me and only me. Sure, genetics play a role in that too, but the bottom line is that if i hadn’t put in the work, it wouldn’t have been there. That’s pride that comes out of accomplishment, and it’s a good feeling.

But it’s not all good. This kind of pride often leads to The Smug (as often witnessed in mac users and Prius owners – see Southpark). And the Smug often leads to sloppiness and extra helpings of hummus, chocolate, and chips, and before you’re know it you’re on the Dark Side (they have cookies).

This is why i suck at maintenance weight control.
But we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

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