Weekend! Bit busy with school at the moment, so i’ll just give you my meal plan for the day:

Breakfast: small slice of home made whole wheat bread and peanut butter
Post W0: Soy/yoghurt shake with frozen berries, flax seeds, and protein powder
Lunch: Grilled falafel burger with guacamole

Dinner: Honey roasted spareribs with a big salad. We’ve never grilled ribs before, and every recipe says something else. So we’re just popping them under the grill to see what happens, hope it’ll be good!

Snack: A small handful of Terra vegetable chips. I promised myself these if i managed to stay out of the potato chips bowl, and let it be known I always keep my promises to myself. It’ll take me months to finish the entire bag, but damm.. so worth it.

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One Response to ribs!

  1. dont be afraid of cooking ribs for the first time I have a way and they always come out tender, you wrap the ribs in heavy duty foil and then you place them on the grill for about 45 minutes then you unwrap and finish grilling for another hour and baste with your favorite sauce during the last 15 minutes.There are more helpful tips and recipes at http://www.cookingandgrillinoutdoors.com

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