thank god it’s friday

Breakfast: Kwark with some apple, flax seed , bran, raisins and almonds

What is kwark, you ask? It’s dairy that’s taken the first step to becoming cheese. It has the consistency of greek yogurt, but none of the fat: one cup gives you 133kcal and 26grams of protein. Amazing huh? I should export the stuff and become rich. It’s also a hell of a lot tastier than cottage cheese.

Lunch: Whole wheat proscuitto sandwich with a generous salad

Normally a great choice for our weekly coworker lunch, but today they were very skimpy with the proscuitto. Damm, that pisses me off.

Dinner: Chicken burger on chiabatta bread with guacamole, and more generous amounts of salad.

I’m very proud of how clean i’ve been eating. Cravings are bad though, and i’m not sure how to adress them. I guess i’ll try getting a lot of veggies in the house this weekend, and make some dip. Or treat myself to some hummus. Hmmmm, hummus.

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