love food


“You should cook something new” I said. “Whenever it’s your turn to cook we eat either spaghetti or sweet’nsour chicken.”
He said “Ok, how about this weekend i make you your favourite dish?”

Uh-oh. My favourite dish is moussaka, greasy eggplant, potato, ground beef casserole dripping with sauce and grated parmesan. Me and my big mouth

You see, I keep nutrition-talk out of the conversation in our house, I wouldn’t want my guy to have to live with a nutrition geek. I can talk about those things with like minded geeks on the internet and in the gym. He knows I like my spaghetti low on noodles, high on sauce, and sided with salad, but that’s about it.

Turns out, i don’t give my man enough credit: he made the most wonderful casserole. He’d decided to leave out the potatoes, double the amount of eggplant, bought biological ground lamb, used real tomatoes and topped it all off with a sprinkling of parmesan. “Well i know you always like to have a huge amount of vegetables, so i thought i’d leave out the potatoes and put more veggies in.”

If that isn’t true love, i don’t know what is!

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2 Responses to love food

  1. Liz Turtle says:

    He sounds like a keeper! He remembers what you like . . . AND he actually cooks :).

  2. lolfitness says:

    I know! Now if only it could be my birthday twice a week :)

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