good times at the gym


Gym was fun yesterday. I was sitting down doing some bicep curls when two of our gym dinosaurs came up to me.

Now, just for the record, my gym is not a sleezeball gym. The meat men are not at all threatening and even a little goofy. They usually stick to themselves and are as unobtrusive as you can be without fitting through normal doors. So when Herb and Joey came over to me, I was pretty curious what they were going to say.

Herb: You’re doing those curls wrong
Me: really? Good that you said something! Show me!
Herb: (gets crouches down to imitate a seating curl) See, I’m getting on my kees for you, here!
Me: Awesome, so I do it like this? (does a few curls)
Joey: your upper arm shouldn’t move at all, but you keep swinging it around
Me: I am? Damm. Ok, how about now?
Herb: your weights are too heavy, i’ll get you some lower ones
(goes off to get me weights.. aww)
Herb: These should be okay, I guess..
Joey: Oh yeah (looking at the weights), she can definitely do those! (aww thanks joey!)
Me: Ok, so how ’bout now?
Joey: Better, but your lower arm is still pointing out a bit, can’t you keep it straight?
Me: Dude, I have hips.
Joey: Ah, right
Herb: (pensive) Nothing wrong with that.. hips are sexy
Me: Myeah.. I think i got it now, thanks guys!

Aren’t they adorable? I love getting advice in the gym. Forms tend to get sloppy over time and nothing puts you back on the right track like a nudge from a fellow gym mate.

Nutrition-wise everything was going great until last night. We got back late from the gym and I suggested getting a Kebab because our kebab place makes a mean felafel: Keep the felafel and the salad, discard the sauce and the bun and you have a pretty healthy fast food meal. But when we got there, I found out they’d taken it off the menu! Put on the spot, instead of saying I”ll have some spinach and burgers from the freezer, i said “i’ll have your greasiest chicken kebab, please!”

Well, i didn’t say that but that’s what it comes down too :) Of course, faced with my own defeat, i found myself in the cupboard again a few hours later. What is it about mistakes that destroy your resolve. It made me want to make another resolution:

Only make one mistake at a time

Is it just me, or is it a lot smarter to make new years resolutions in november, before all the damage gets done? :)

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One Response to good times at the gym

  1. Well they seem nice. I think that smaller gyms are better, alot of the newer ones are too big and impersonal. No sense of community.

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