Scale: 71.3, triumphed too soon :)

It occured to me that most of my bad eating habits can be fixed by three small resolutions. I really want to nail these three, because they’ll make a mountain of difference.

I want to..

..stay away from the chips during gaming nights

My friends love to get together and game the night away. Everyone’s supposed to bring some drinks and a snack, which basically comes down to a mountain of chips bags and coke bottles. I bring my own diet pop and a few apples but when you’re waiting for your turn it’s pretty hard to stay away from those snacks :)

I tried taking a big platter of veggies&dip. That went down great and within the hour my platter was gone, and we spent the remaining 6 hours happily munching away on chips. No, the only solution is to sit on the far side of the couch, get some pillows, and get so comfortable you wouldn’t dream of getting up to score some deepfried goodness.

..stay out of the bread basket at lunch

I’m the queen of healthy lunch choices. I pick the best salads, soups and meats. Then i go spelunking in the bread basket while I wait for my food to arrive. Why? Probably because by the time noon comes around, I’m already damm hungry. I’ll be trying to prepare bigger breakfasts in future. (Don’t you love those few times when the solution is “eat more”?)

..stop eating out of the cupboard

This is the tricky one. Now, I have a model cupboard filled with healthy snacks like raisins, oatmeal, figs, dried coconut, almonds and other nuts, some chocolate, unsweetened peanutbutter, etc. All good stuff, but when you stop by every 15 minutes to have some good stuff.. well you can have too much of a good thing.

I have no clever solution to this. I try to stick to three square meals a day, but the weekend usually gets messy and i do so love to graze. So my first goal is to at least not stand there eating out of the cupboard. I have a table for something, don’t I? If i can marinade those figs in some balsamic vinegar, soak those raisins in some water, add an apple and then sit down to eat my snack, maybe then i won’t be back in the cupboard 15 minutes later.

Maybe :)

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