Still alive!

Weight: 70.3 Whoo!

Wheew! One busy workweek and a teen sister staying over on the weekend.
Despite the whirlwind-business, i managed to kick ass this week:

Stayed out of the bread basket during company lunch, eventhough it was making eyes at me big time

I’m guessing my bigger breakfasts have something to do with that. Who would have guessed :)

Kept to vegetables and shrimp at saturday’s all-you-can-eat-wok restaurant

Silly “All you can eat” places.. You know what I want to see? A restaurant where you can pick your own portion sizes and pay accordingly! “I’ll have half a steak and a tripple portion of salad, please”. I would be there every day.

At the gym, i found out my hanging raises are slowly nearing the level of ceiling kicks

I do love hanging raises, they’re the only ab exercise that doesn’t bore my socks off.There’s some extra motivation to do them, as well: I read a Women’s Health issue about hanging raises where they confessed even their own fitness model couldn’t do a windshield wiper and had to be held in place for the picture.  I’ve had a burning desire to do them ever since. Take that, WH models! (Realistic goals? So overrated)

And to reward me for my kickass-ness, the scale is happily proclaiming 70.3 (kilos)

I know many people are against daily weigh-ins because they will make you obsessed and unhappy. Fortunately, the only give me a short stab of (un)happiness, and a big dose of increased motivation. Plus, somewhere there on the edge of the horizon, I can see fitting pants with my name on them. Booyah!

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2 Responses to Still alive!

  1. You’ve just enlightened me! I never thought to measure my weight in kilos! What a great way to drop that number. And if that isn’t enough, I can always start weighing myself in stone.


  2. lolfitness says:

    Yes, I figured I should mention that I’m measuring in kilos before people think I’m either a midget or a 6year old with great grammar skills and bad body sense ;)

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