facepalm at the gym

Weight: 71

Never mind that I dove straight into the food cupboard after work to retreive some choice goodies i shouldn’t be retrieving. That’s normal (regrettably) . No, the weird part was the gym.

I go there and see that our regular whippersnappers (they’re probably older than 13, but they don’t look like it) are there, training. And they’ve both brought a friend. There’s nothing worse (or more prone to sports injuries than young boys trying to loudly impress their friends in the gym.

Meanwhile (spreaking of sports injuries) I manage to hurt a muscle in my neck (again). I ask the owner if i’m doing something wrong and he says it’s probably unrelated but that he’ll keep an eye on my technique for the rest of the session. How relaxing!

While i’m exercising on one of the benches, one of the young whippersnappers, who is normally too shy to even return my nod, comes up and says

“You’re doing that exercise wrong, let me show you”.
“Oh, ok, show me!” (I’m never one to pass up good fitness tips, even from children)
“Do it like this, you’ll hit your delts much harder”.
“Um, that’s nice.. but I was training my small trapezium muscles, which I won’t hit at all like that”.

To that, he shuffled off, emberassed. A few sets later I’m ready for the squatbar. The other whippersnappers have left the weights on while they went off to get a drink. I figure i can sneak in three sets before they get back and start taking off the big weights on one side of the bar. Then i watch in amazement as the weightless side of the bar flies up as the still very much weighted side hits the ground with a big thunk. Whoops.

Immediately a bunch of men rush to my side to (emberassingly) help with the weights. The same young whippersnapper as before comes running my way and says “Oh, excellent, you did that too? I was the only one up to now! I did it twice. We’re like soulmates!”

That’s when i decided this gym session was over.

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