Easy days

Scale says: 71. That’s what it said before Halloween as well, so that’s good.

Monday, tuesday and wednesday are my easy days; i’m far too busy running to work and classes and the gym to mess things up too greatly. This morning i had my first oatbar, made from this recipe. It was good, but next time i’ll halve the sugar component. I don’t put sugar on my oatmeal so why should it be in the bar, right? I love having some kind of home made oats/quinoa/fig bar to save time on my busy workdays.

Lunch is dipping vegetables with some mozarella and proscuitto instead of dip, and a cup of cottage cheese. Dinner a slab of turkey, green beans and a modest amount of potatoes. Then off to the gym, and back with a post-WO rice pudding, my one indulgence for the day.

The gym should be good today, i feel fine and there’s a squat bar waiting for me. Yup, these next months in the gym will be all about the lower body while maintaining my lovely arm gains of the last months (the muscle gains, the fat gains i hope to part with shortly).

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